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Cooperation base

Cooperation base

We consider each other as different, but equal parts of the body of Christ. That implies that we respect each other’s ministries, culture, values and rules. We want to serve one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are responsible for our missions to serve the underprivileged, to strengthen and support the community of the partner and to edify the participating volunteers. We ensure a fruitful integration of the local community and the participating volunteers. We plan and keep records of results. We take care of fair use of donations (money, goods, knowledge) and keep adequate administration.

We keep a clear picture of the progress, difficulties, successes and possible deviations of the goals. Therefore, we inform each other and frequently discuss all that is relevant for the project(s) and the cooperation.

All possible mission teams and volunteers from Holland and Belgium will be referred to Livingstone for proper application, planning and preparations. Accepting mission teams and volunteers at the partner, without application, planning and preparation with Livingstone is not possible and will end the cooperation.

We intend to cooperate for a period of [ five ] years, or

  • for receiving mission teams: until the project objects are achieved, or
  • for receiving volunteers: until the vacancies cannot be taken by local staff.

We will evaluate this agreement on a yearly base and make necessary changes.

Main objectives

Personal impact
For all participants (local persons, mission teams, volunteers), we aim for the following:

  • Develop sincere love and respect for each other
  • Support each other’s uniqueness dignity and possibilities
  • Develop love and respect of our earth and the will to keep it
  • Understand / share / deepen the Christian faith and lifestyle

Project development
For the project, we aim for the project goals as set in the attached datasheet ‘project’ or the attached ‘business plan’, of which the main goals are:

  • project main goal nr. 1
  • project main goal nr. 2
  • project main goal nr. 3

Mission teams
We aim for the next mission teams in the first year, as set in the attached datasheets ‘program’, facility’ and ‘safety’:

  • Team 1, year, month
  • Team 2, year, month

Financial contributions
Each participant of the mission teams brings a contribution to the project of 250 euro, or a mission team brings one fixed contribution (if agreed upon on paper at the project start). This contribution is available for practical work and social work, as indicated in the attached ‘datasheet project’ or ‘business plan’.

Volunteer vacancies
Regarding volunteers we aim to fill in the following vacancies, per vacancy described in an attached datasheet ‘vacancy’:

  • volunteer vacancy nr. 1
  • volunteer vacancy nr. 2

Cooperation management

Livingstone and the partner are responsible for good cooperation. Therefore, they have periodical (skype, phone) meetings which are reported in minutes. The minutes include: Status of the collaboration (green: good, yellow: almost good, orange: some problems, red: big problems), progress on main objectives, use and administration of donations (money, goods, knowledge) and (corrective) actions planned.

In the periodical meetings (skype, phone) Livingstone and the partner will monitor the progress of the project and discuss the upcoming actions. In case the execution of the project deviates from the objectives, Livingstone and the partner discuss what to do. Any adjustments of the main goals and (corrective) actions are recorded in the minutes.

At the end of each stay of a mission team or volunteer, the partner will evaluate with them on:

  • experiences with partner
  • program / vacancy
  • facilities
  • personal impact

Partner survey
After the stay of each mission team or volunteer, Livingstone and the partner evaluate on:

  • personal impact team
  • personal impact local persons
  • progress on project objectives
  • cooperation Livingstone – partner

The evaluation is done with a digital partner survey

Volunteer survey
After the stay of each mission team or volunteer, Livingstone, the team leader, mission teams and the volunteers evaluate on:

  • experiences Livingstone
  • experiences partner
  • preparations
  • program
  • facilities
  • personal impact

The evaluation is done with a digital participant survey. The partner gets a summary of the results.

Annual evaluation
Yearly, Livingstone and the partner evaluate the:

  • cooperation according to this agreement
  • progress on project objectives

The results are reported in minutes.

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