Partner manual


Partner Manual

The base of our cooperation is recorded in the Livingstone partner manual. This partner manual is a living document. It is updated monthly with our lessons learned and feedback is welcome. It contains:

Before cooperation

  • Orientation on cooperation
  • Preparing for cooperation
  • Cooperation agreement
  • Documentation

During cooperation

  • Cooperation › general
  • Cooperation › main volunteer process
  • Cooperation › main guidelines
  • Finishing the cooperation
  • Documentation


During our cooperation, we stick to the following policies:

  • Code of conduct
  • Unacceptable behaviour policy
  • Privacy policy
  • Safety protocol
  • Crisis management
  • Financial protocol
  • Back to project


Livingstone, as well as the partner, work intentionally to the standards, regulations and objectives given in this contract. Both parties are held to do their utmost to fulfil the contract. Both parties depend on external, complex factors. Therefore objectives and goals and the sending of missionary teams and volunteers are intentional and cannot be claimed as rights.


Party:               Livingstone                                                     Partner

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