Partner manual

Responsibilities partner

Commitment partner

Manage projects
First of all, the partner is independently responsible for managing and operating his/her projects well. In the relationship with Livingstone, Livingstone will never take over management or daily operation, nor responsibility for staff or finances.

Be a sparring partner
The partner will be a sparring partner for Livingstone where it comes to how to integrate mission teams and volunteers best with the vision and work of the partner and how to maximise positive encounters and joint learning. The partner will advise on how to behave in the local culture and community, as well as how to deal with emergencies locally.

Co-design programs
The partner and Livingstone co-design the roll that mission teams and volunteers can play in order to be effective and fruitful, in line with the objectives. At the designing states the partner and Livingstone carefully work in line with the guidelines: Safety Policy and the Code of conduct

Update data sheets
In our cooperation, the partner uses the following documentation to keep Livingstone updated about the partner structure and development and about preparing for teams to come:

  • organisation sheet
  • project sheet (or a business plan)
  • facility sheet
  • safety sheet
  • program sheet
  • costs sheet

All data sheets are updated at least yearly, normally in January.


Local preparations
The partner prepares for mission team or volunteer visits by informing the local community members and the local authorities the purpose of their visit. The staff and local workers are instructed on the guidelines Safety policy and the Code of conduct (which both applies to the staff and local workers too), and they are informed about the cultural differences with Dutch volunteers. The local workers are informed about their voluntary status; that they are no hired professionals.

At Arrival
When teams and/or volunteers arrive, the partner will have an introduction with them, including an instruction on the house rules, safety rules, a walk around the project, the first encounter with de staff and local workers, and information about the accommodation, transport, as well as a program summary.

Daily guidance mission teams/volunteers

On a daily basis, the partner has a meeting with the team leaders in order to discuss, the wellbeing of all persons involved, the progress on the program and finances and the activities of the next day. At the worksite and during other program activities local guidance is foreseen, if necessary with translators.

Weekly guidance volunteers
On a weekly basis, the partner takes care of a meeting with the volunteers in order to discuss the wellbeing of all persons involved (staff, local workers, volunteers) and any problems that may occur in staying with the partner. This is separated from the day-to-day guidance at the work of the volunteer.

At depart
On the last day, the partner takes care of a farewell, where all persons involved are able to say goodbye. The partner evaluates with the team leader, the mission team and volunteers as stated under ‘Evaluations’ above.

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