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For successful cooperation, frequent and quick communication is essential. As soon as Livingstone finds you a team, you will be updated, and together with the relations manager, you start making preparations. In case no team is found, we make sure to inform each other about important updates from our organisations.

Visit relations manager
Our relations manager visits you at least once during our cooperation. However, there is one exception. In case you cooperate with another Dutch organisation that visits you and our project on a regular base, then a visit by the relations manager might not be needed.

Coming to the Netherlands
Livingstone has no money to arrange a visitation to the Netherlands for you.
If you can arrange for this by yourself or others, we want to be informed. Never request volunteers of Livingstone teams to contribute to the costs of your visitation.
In case you come to the Netherlands, we ask your former volunteers for places to stay and people to guide you. Livingstone tries to find places where you can tell about our project.

Yearly evaluation
Yearly, in September/October, the relations manager and your project leader evaluate:

  • A team’s stay at the project:
    achievement of objectives local community
    achievement of objectives Livingstone volunteers
  • Objectives project site

The results are written down at the datasheet Evaluation of objectives.

New documentation
Yearly, in February/March, our relations manager and your project leader set dates for possible visitations of teams in the next year and update all sheets.

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