Partner manual

Preparing a team


Active search for teams
Livingstone is actively searching for new teams that are willing to serve you. In case we are planning on a tour in July/ August, we already start searching for teams one and a half year in beforehand. Sometimes we find teams a year in advance, sometimes even some months before a tour planned. Livingstone promotes you and your project on our website, Social Media, at (Christian) events, and besides that, we contact churches, schools, organisations.

Informing interested teams
We give presentations to interested persons at churches, schools, organisations. We tell them about your country, your organisation, vision, mission, and Livingstone. Sometimes interested people want to hear more about several projects (of other Partner Organisations). After the presentation, they choose which project they like to serve.

Reservation and booking
If a team wants to go to your project, they make a reservation for the dates they want to come. This reservation exists for 1 month – unless it`s made more than a year in advance. The contact person of the team has one month to make a booking for all members. Each team member is invited by an e-mail and is requested to fill in all personal details and to undersign our Code of Conduct, Terms & Conditions and to state that (s)he is in good health. Parents of minors receive an e-mail to check the information and undersign for their child.

Team of individuals
We also give a chance for individuals to join a tour with other individuals to Europe or Africa. If we are planning on such a tour to your project, we will talk about this in March/ February. Mostly we send teams of volunteers that signed up individually to organisations that have received teams before. The difference with our other teams is that these volunteers only meet once/ twice before they come your way.

Regular contact
The relations manager has regular contact with the contacts person of the team to talk about:

  • your project
  • fundraising (activities)
  • choosing and screening team leaders
  • team members (and specific issues)
  • preparations

Team leaders
Livingstone takes care of a screening of 2 team leaders per team, in case the team exist of 24+ persons we screen 3 persons, in case the team exists of 40+ persons, we screen 4 team leaders. Also, we ask our government for a certificate of conduct for all team leaders.

All the team leaders need to attend our training for team leaders. During this training, they are instructed on the following topics:

  • how to lead a Livingstone team
  • Christian reflections
  • how to deal in a crisis situation
  • financial administration

Training teams

Also, Livingstone arranges a training per team. Teams (including team leaders) are informed and instructed on:

  • the culture
  • do`s and don’ts
  • the code of conduct
  • the country
  • the project
  • the program
  • the facilities
  • what to bring along
  • travel documentation
  • health risks

Link partner and leaders
After the team leaders training, we link all team leaders with your project leader by mail, to make sure you can have brief contact and introduces yourselves before you meet. These mails are not about programs, facilities and budgets, since you`ve talked about those with the relations manager. Please make sure that you`ll include the relations manager in all this communication, to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding and to be sure that we are all updated about the same issues and appointments.

Specific information team
Besides this, the relations manager will send you information about the team members and their flight details. In case team members have specific allergies we will let you know, and we will talk about how to deal with them once they are at your project. Please read more about how to deal with these details at Privacy.

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