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Team at project


Arrival and accommodation
Once a team arrives in your country you welcome them and share some information (e.g. in the bus, or when the group arrives at the accommodation):

  • Remind them of the code of conduct (for the safety of the volunteers and the local community members)
  • Remind them of your do`s and don`ts
  • Tell them about the specific rules for the accommodation:
  • they are not allowed to leave the accommodation or project site alone, they will always travel in pairs
  • they are not allowed to leave the accommodation/ project once it’s dark.
  • Where to keep valuables
  • Safety rules, in case of emergencies

Introduction organisation
Once your team is settled at the accommodation give them several introductions on your organisation and your community:

  • Share about your organisation, your vision and goals
  • Tell who the contacts person is
  • Introduce other staff members
  • Introduce the contact person for social activities (in case it`s not you)
  • Introduce the contact person for building/ practical activities (in case it`s one of your staff members)
  • Introduce the contact person for groceries and cooking
  • Tell more about the local community and if possible show the team around

Introduction project site
On the first day of building, introduce the team to the project site and the local builders. Make sure:

  • To tell about the work they are going to do
  • How it impacts your organisation and the community
  • The team leaders will get in touch with your contact person for building (a staff member/ local engineer/ contractor/ worker)
  • Share safety rules concerning construction work

First contact team leaders

  • Help team leaders to buy at least 2 SIM cards. It will make contact easier
  • Reassure the team leaders have received your correct phone number and check if mobile phone contact is actually working
  • Go through the day-to-day program for the team
  • Together decide when you`ll meet the team leaders daily (e.g. each evening after dinner)
  • Together go through the budget sheet and give the receipts for the money send in advance to the financial team leader


Daily contact team leaders
Daily sit down with the team leaders to talk about:

  • Next day`s social activities and preparations  (in case there is no contact person for social work)
  • Next day`s building/ practical activities and preparations – including buying new material (in case there is no contact person for the building site)
  • Is everything all right?
  • Finances

Start of the day

  • You can start the day with a reading, singing, sharing together with our team and your staff members.

Evaluation of the day

  • Each evening the team members will meet to evaluate the day as a team.
  • Please join them once and tell them your life story. Why you are a believer. Also, tell why you are part of your organisation.
  • Let one of your staff members do the same another evening.


  • On Sunday visit your / a local church together

Local community

  • Let one of your community members share about the importance of the organisation for the community. E.g. at a family visit, at the introduction…

At the end

Last meetings team leaders
Some days before a team leaves talk through the following with the team leaders:

  • Practical work. How will the work be continued once the team is gone?
  • Accommodation. What does the team need to clean before departure?
  • Farewell party. Who would you like to invite (e.g. local workers, local staff and the target group?? What do you need to prepare? What finances are needed?
  • Finances. Did the financial team leader receive all receipts? Is there money left? Agree on how to spend this.
  • Evaluation. When will you sit down with the team to evaluate? How will you evaluate together?
  • Evaluate on team and local team without the team itself.

Farewell party
At the farewell party, you will give a word of thanks to the team and all the other people involved. You will tell what their contributions have been towards the community. The team leaders, team members, workers and your staff members have time to share/ perform. You can continue the party the way you and the team leaders agreed on; e.g. with a meal, presents, etc.

On the last day of a team’s stay, or a day before, sit down with the team to evaluate:

  • Your organisation, visions, activities
  • The program; social activities
  • The program; practical (building) activities
  • Accommodation, transport and meals
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