Partner manual

About our Partners

Christian mission

Practical mission
Our partners see it as their mission to serve the underprivileged in their communities.

For everybody
Through their work, our partners want to show that God loves all people, no matter what faith, gender or age they are.

Inspiring leadership
Our project leaders are inspiring people. They are compassionated and involved with others; live a Christian life; and are an example for their communities and our teams.

Locally organised

NGO, CBO or church
Livingstone partners are officially registered local organisations. They can be registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Community Based Organisation (CBO) or as a church.

Local participation
Our partner organisations and project leaders actively support community participation and ownership. They have community members in their board and as their staff.

Our partner organisations have close contact with local and national authorities. They follow regional and national guidelines.

Our partner organisations make sure they have all the required documentation for running the organisation officially. They keep records of results and have (business) plans.

Our values

We consider each other as different but equal parts of the body of Christ. That implies that we respect each other’s ministries, culture, values and rules. We want to serve one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our partner organisations are responsible for their work, to serve the underprivileged and their community. This work complies all the practical work as well as proper administration, bookkeeping and communications. During the stay of mission teams and volunteers, our partner organisations are also responsible for the facilities, care and safety of our teams.

For us, being transparent about mutual goals, successes, failures and (financial) administrations are essential for good cooperation. The same counts for respect and integrity in all situations. In our cooperations, we expect and give swift communication about everything that might be of relevance.

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