Partner manual


Phases of cooperation

1.  Orientation

Phase 1 is reading this orientation.

2. Preparation phase

In the preparation phase, you will speak with our relations manager to get to know each other and to validate that we are a good match. You will complete our organisation sheet, and we will discuss common goals and how to prepare for our teams. You fill in our sheets regarding the project(goals) and the preparation for teams. The relations manager will discuss these with you. Afterwards, the Livingstone team will decide if we will start cooperating.

3. Cooperation agreement
In a cooperation agreement, we write our responsibilities and goals for your community and our volunteers and the objectives as mentioned in your business plan/project sheet. We decide how many years we will cooperate (minimum 3, maximum 7 years). After signing the cooperation agreement, our collaboration is started.

4. Cooperation phase
After we started our cooperation, Livingstone tries to find mission teams for your project. This is our investment in web-publishing and active recruitment. Recruited teams will work with you on the goals set in the cooperation agreement. At our page about cooperation, you will find more information.

5. Ending a cooperation
We will end our cooperation after the agreed-upon years or when the goals as written in the cooperation agreement are realised. When partner organisations require help for a new project, the partner needs to complete a new project sheet / business plan. The relations manager of Livingstone will consider continuing the cooperation. We can also end the cooperation once safety cannot be guaranteed, or the partner organisation does change their focus away from the Livingstone partner profile, mentioned on the page: about our partners.

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