Partner manual

Reasons to finish cooperation

As agreement

Goals project reached
We will end our cooperation when the project objectives as written in our cooperation agreement are realised.

Term finished
We will end our cooperation after the agreed upon years as mentioned in our cooperation agreement.

Code red

Safety code red
We can also end the cooperation once safety cannot be guaranteed:

  • Negative travel advice from Dutch government
  • Unsafe at the project
  • Unacceptable behaviour of project leader/ staff members

Cooperation code red
When our cooperation has code red because of:

  • Finances. No proper accountability or different use of money.
  • Contact. Not good contact and withholding information.
  • Other parties. Involvement of other Dutch/ Belgium parties that send teams.
  • Harm target group. In case your organisation harms or does not help the target group.
  • Problem organisation. In case your organisation is not in line with our partner profile.

Teams code red
Also we need to stop our cooperation, because of a code red for teams:

  • Livingstone cannot find you any teams
  • You cannot receive teams
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