Partner manual


Preparing for cooperation

First contact
If you are interested in cooperating with Livingstone, contact our us via email. After that our relations manager will get back to you to know more about you and your organisation. We will walk through the orientation pages together and see if we may be suitable partners. If the indication is positive, the relations manager will guide you through all preparations.

Code of Conduct and policies
To start, it is essential to know that all our participants have to sign and agree with our code of conduct. Besides that, know that we work with policies for safety, privacy, crisis management and unacceptable behaviour. Our relations manager will indicate them for you.

The organisation sheet
Our relations manager would like to read more about your organisation through our organisation sheet. Please complete our organisation sheet and send it to the relations manager.

The project sheet
We ask you to complete the project sheet. This is a business plan for the project you are developing and what you want to propose for our cooperation. If you already have a business plan, that will do as well, if all the items mentioned in the project sheet are included.

Indication cooperation
After the relations manager has read your organisation sheet and project sheet, we will have follow-up conversations. Together we will decide how and on which items we can cooperate. Together we will set intentional goals for cooperation and for having a first mission team.

In this next stage, we need to work on a lot of details, in order to be ready to have a mission team. Please complete our program sheet, facility sheet, safety sheet and costs sheet, which you’ll find at documents. With all questions, you will be interacting with the relations manager.

Evaluation with you
The relations manager will together with you evaluate on the communication thus far, as well as all the information given in the data sheets (organisation, project, program, facility, safety and costs). The relations manager will present this evaluation at the ‘operations meeting’ at Livingstone staff.

Evaluation at Livingstone
At the ‘operations meeting’ with Livingstone cooperation with you as a partner will be discussed. After a positive evaluation, the relations manager of Livingstone is mandated to start up the collaboration with you and to make up the cooperation agreement.

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